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Smartphone Adjustable Stand & Live Streaming LED Ring Lamp - 3000 mAh battery, mirror, 29cm diameter, 3 light modes, makeup holder


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Brand: Office Human

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Smartphone Adjustable Stand & Live Streaming LED Ring Lamp - 3000 mAh battery, mirror, 29cm diameter, 3 light modes, makeup holder

Recording videos, taking photos and applying makeup – there's plenty of activities that require you to have your hands free and good lighting. To brighten up the darkness, choose a lamp that is ideal for placing on a desk or dressing table.

It is a practical ring light that comes with a phone holder. It is suitable for live broadcasting and other social media activities. Also, it looks great in modern interiors!

Now your photos can look professional no matter how much light enters the room from outside. When you buy a ring lamp, you get your own mini photo set which will allow you to take pictures in very good lighting. This is a gadget that you can also use for other purposes, not only for portrait, product or macro photography, but also for putting on makeup, for example.

Height: 37 to 73 cm
Diameter: 19 cm
Thickness: 6.2 cm
Number of LEDs: 64 pcs
Power supply: 3000 mAh battery
Connector type: micro USB for power supply
Power: from 5 W to 15 W
Adjustable brightness and light temperature (from 2900K to 5500K)

The key features:

  • 2 in 1 gadget: lamp and phone holder
  • Robust and aesthetic workmanship
  • Three light colors
  • Brightness adjustment

Three light colors to choose from
In order to ensure that the eyes do not get tired and the light cast by the lamp perfectly illuminates the space, the lamp offers the possibility of 3-stage adjustment of light temperature. The following options are available:

  1. warm light
  2. white light
  3. soft light

Phone holder
The lamp comes with a phone holder. You can fit a phone with a width of 65 mm to 90 mm in it. It allows you to position your phone in practically any orientation. Also, it has an adjustment ball that allows you to rotate the phone 360 degrees.

Power supply
The lamp has a built-in micro USB port. To power it, just plug it into your cell phone charger.

Large lamp diameter
The ring lamp has a diameter of around 29 cm. It has 64 built-in LEDs. This will give you enough light to get a good video or photo.

Wide range of applications
The gadget can be used in several ways: as a lamp as well as a phone and microphone holder. It is a multifunctional support for recording live broadcasts, videos, doing photo shoots and applying makeup.



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