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Silicone wrist band for Apple AirTag - kids & adults

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Silicone wrist band for Apple AirTag - kids & adults

Do you want to have your kids always under control during the holidays or the daily journey of children to and from school? You've come to the right place, because this gadget will make it easier for you. Wrist Band AirTag Case is an accessory that will allow you to place the AirTag transmitter in it (not included) - in a safe, fast and convenient way. The transmitter located on the wrist will allow you to locate your child on the map.

Set contains:
1 x Case - AirTag wristband

Solid build quality
The AirTag wrist band is made of solid silicone, which makes it resistant to various types of mechanical damage. In addition, the AirTag transmitter located in the band is protected against scratching. The band is also dustproof, so you can be sure that the transmitter will not be dirty and damaged, which is not difficult for smaller children.

Exercise comfortable control over a toddler or an older person
The AirTag case was created mainly for the control of children and their safety. However, if you are caring for an elderly person or there is a person suffering from memory loss in your family, this gadget will also be perfect in such a situation. With its help, you will be able to easily locate a person fast.

Simple assembly and use
Installing the AirTag in the case is extremely simple. The silicone is stretchy, so you can easily place the transmitter inside it. The next step will be to pair it with the application on the phone and that's it - ready. If necessary, when you are worried about your child, you can always run the application and see where it is.

The band is equipped with a comfortable and simple clasp, known for example from sports bands. There are holes in one part, and a small pin on the other end that allows it to be conveniently fastened on the wrist.

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