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Torelia Ultra-Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser - Up to 60m², Wireless, Rechargeable, 2 Modes, Transport Box

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Brand: Innobiz

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Torelia Ultra-Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser - The essential go-anywhere diffuser

This is the new generation of portable diffusers! Torelia is a compact, durable diffuser, equipped with patented technology (ultra-nebulisation, whose ultra-fine droplets offer the best of aromatherapy), self-sufficient thanks to its rechargeable battery and, above all, so easy to use: all essential oil bottles available on the market screw directly onto it. With its reinforced travel kit which holds 6 bottles of essential oils (not included) up to 15 ml, you can enjoy your favourite synergy wherever you are: at home, in the car, on a trip...

Torelia Ultra-Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser features:
Portable: compact and durable, the Torelia diffuser can be taken anywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery.
A complete travel kit: the diffuser and its equipment (charger and cable) + 6 bottles of essential oils up to 15 ml.
Maximum simplicity: the bottles of essential oils are screwed directly onto it.
Universal: the Torelia diffuser accommodates all essential oil bottles on the market (5 ml / 10 ml / 15 ml / 20 ml / 30 ml).
Patented technology: thanks to its nebulisation, the essential oil microdroplets are cold-diffused (using the Venturi effect) and retain all their benefits. Tested and approved by expert aromatherapists!
Customised aromatherapy: two diffusion programmes (strong and light), for 4 or 8 hours.
Diffusion setting: 5 jets every 5 minutes or 5 jets every 10 minutes

Diffusion technology: Ultra-nebulisation
Weight: 80 g
Maximum diffusion area: 60 m²
Rechargeable battery

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