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Pret a Pousser Nano Smart Flowerpot - LED Lamp, App, Bluetooth + Extra Lavender Pod


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Pret a Pousser Nano Smart Flowerpot - LED Lamp, App, Bluetooth + Extra Lavender Pod

Nano Garden, the mini-connected indoor garden, ultra colorful and design: grow plants easily at home.

  • Nano takes care of everything your plant need: light and nutrients.
  • Nano is a hydroponic system, meaning that your plant grows in water and is supported by a lamp with LED light. Thanks to this, your herbs will be under perfect conditions all the time, even during dark winter days.
  • The patented FLO2AT design allows your plants' roots to develop to their full potential, right underwater.
  • Pods are designed to supply your plants with the best possible growth circumstances. The substrate is made out of coconut fiber, peat and nutrients. This brings together all the essential ingredients for successful growth.
  • Nano's light source can be paired with Bluetooth to the Pret a Pousser app, which will allow for advanced settings, adjusted to your plants and your own lifestyle (light cycle and brightness mode).
  • The light source casing is made of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), as well as the pots and floaters.

Dimensions and parameters:
12 LEDs
Height: 45,4 cm
Width: 10,5 cm
Depth: 13,3 cm
Lenght of cable: 2m
Weight: 0,9 kg

Package includes:
1 pot
1 Basil pod + 1 FREE Lavender pod
Charging cable, adapter, light

Quick and easy installation:

    1. Fill the pots with water: Fill the nutrient sachet directly into the pot with water and water every 2-4 weeks

    2. Insert your Pods: Place the seeds in the holes of the capsule provided for this purpose.

    3. Plug in your garden and the light will automatically turn on.

      How do I know how many hours of light my plants need?
      It's simple: just download the app (search for " Prêt à Pousser " in the app or play store) and indicate which plants you have in your Nano. The app will tell you what lighting mode your plants need. Most plants need the summer mode (2 pm), but there are some very sensitive plants that need a little less, like coriander, parsley and dill. For these plants there is the 'Spring' mode, with 12 hours of light per day.

      Once the seeds are in the capsule, should I put soil on top?
      No! The seed roots will work their way through the pod. There is no need to cover them.

      Power consumption
      6.7W in spring mode and 8.7W in summer mode. You should count 5-7€ of electricity per year, that is to say 2 times less than your internet box.

      Need for watering
      The Nano pots have a capacity of 75 cL, so you will need to top up the water every 2-3 weeks depending on the growth stage of your plants.

      The Nano Garden luminaire can be linked via Bluetooth to the Prêt à Pousser application to allow you to make advanced settings, adapted to your plants and your life rhythm (lighting cycle and mode).

      Materials and composition
      The base and stem of the Nano are made of aluminium, the colour pots and floats are made of ABS plastic. The light is made of aluminium and ABS plastic. 

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