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Nebulizer Diffuser Cleaner - 30ml

SKU: 2080

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Brand: AroFlora

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Cleaner for nebuliser essential oil diffusers - 30ml.

Using this cleaner regularly ensures a long life for your nebuliser diffuser.

In case of persistent dust or dirt, diffuse this mixture for a quarter of an hour to allow impurities to dissolve.

Using this cleaner regularly ensures a long life for your nebuliser diffuser!

This cleaner simply diffuses instead of your essential oils and effectively cleans your glass containers (nebulisers).

It diffuses a scent of fresh lavender.

You can use it between diffusions of two different essential oils to prevent odours mixing. This cleaner is also used when essential oil has dried at the bottom of your glass container which has remained there too long without being used.

This nebulising essential oil diffuser cleaner is reusable! Do not discard after use; you can put it back in its bottle for further use.

Composition of the diffuser cleaner:

  • Denat alcohol,
  • lavandula burnatii*,
  • coumarin**,
  • geraniol**,
  • limonene**,
  • linalool**.

* 100% pure, natural essential oil
** Components naturally present in essential oils.

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