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Dog / Cat Collar & Silicone case for Apple AirTag

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Dog / Cat Collar & Silicone case for Apple AirTag

Have you ever had your pet, while on a walk, run off after a squirrel or another animal? If you know exactly what the situation is and how much time you spent on finding your pet, the set: collar plus silicone case for the AirTag transmitter is made just for you. Thanks to it, you will save yourself not only a lot of time, but always have a sense of safety regarding your pet.

Specifications - AirTag silicone case
Material: silicone
Mounting method: On a dog / cat collar or harness
Color: Orange

Specification - collar
Circumference adjustment: 33-53 cm
Tape Width: 20 mm
Material: Polypropylene Webbing
Solid buckle
Color: Black

Set contains
1 x Silicone protective cover for pet collar + 1 x tape collar

Solid workmanship
The AirTag cover is a gadget designed for every pet - both dogs and cats, which you take for walks. The use of high-quality material during production allows for effective protection of the transmitter that is placed in it. The gadget is additionally dustproof, which increases the protection of the device. The collar with a traditional shape, made of strong polypropylene, will not tear and can also be used for large, strong breeds.

Take care of your pet
Thanks to this set and the AirTag transmitter (not included) located in the case, you can be sure that you will always find your pet. If during a walk he breaks off the leash and runs away, you will be able to locate him in a simple and convenient way. It is enough to start the application on the phone with which the transmitter was previously paired. Thanks to this, it will be easy to find your pet whose location will be accurately indicated on the map.

Convenient assembly
The key element of the gadget, in addition to solid workmanship, is the assembly method. It fits perfectly with the included collar or any harness from 2 to 2.5cm wide. Silicone is stretchy, so the very application and pulling the accessory through the collar or harness for a pet is a very simple task. The last step is to place the transmitter inside, which, if necessary, will help locate your pet.

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