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Remax USB to USB-C Charging Cable - Intelligent Programmable Timer

SKU: RC-096a

EAN: 6972174156866

Brand: Remax

€9,99 €7,49

You Save: €2,50 (26%)

🔌 2 free cable protectors with the purchase of this cable.
The cable protectors can be mounted on the tips of the cable, protecting it from breakage caused by too much bending.

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EXTEND BATTERY LIFE with the Remax High Speed USB-C Charging Cable with overcharge protection. A built-in programmable timer lets you shut the power off after a set number of hours. Perfect for charging overnight. Saves power while greatly extending the life of your smartphone battery.

SMART LED DISPLAY shows voltage, electrical current charge, and charging time. Simply click the button to increase the charging time by one hour. Or click twice to reduce time. Lets you instantly customize how long your want to charge your phone. Just right for charging overnight or when you're busy doing something else. You won't damage your battery by leaving it plugged in when it's already fully charged.

HIGH SPEED, RUGGED QUALITY in this finely engineered accessory. The Remax charging cable is made from strong TPE cable body with ABS. Contains 4 bold-tinned copper cores for the fastest charge and reliability. Will not crack or short out. 2,1 A max.

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