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Baseus Case with Extra Power Bank 4200 mAh - iPhone XS Max


EAN: 6953156292741

Brand: Baseus


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Baseus Case with Extra Power Bank 4200 mAh - iPhone XS Max

Over 48 hours of battery life for your iPhone!

The Baseus case with an integrated 4200 mAh external battery has been designed to give greater autonomy to people who use the phone for a long time, without having constant access to a power source.

Battery capacity combined with a 75% transfer efficiency ensures excellent battery life of approximately 48 hours (including the phone's internal battery capacity).

If you want to check the battery charge level, just press the button on the back of the case, and the side LEDs will indicate the level.

When you connect the charger, the iPhone will be the first device charged, and then the charging of the case with the external battery will continue.

If you need cable data transmission, you do not need to remove the cover, it has a Lightning port.


- The cover is made of premium materials
- The sides of the cover are made of flexible silicone with anti-shock properties.
- The back of the cover (which covers the battery) is made of premium polycarbonate with anti-fingerprint properties.
- Battery type: Li-Polymer.
- External battery port: Lightning connector (Standard Apple).
- Output: 5V - 1 Amp (max).
- Charging capacity: 5V / 1.5 Amps


 Assembly is quick and easy.

Pull the bottom edge of the case to a maximum angle of 20 degrees to align the phone's charging connector with the charging jack, and then place the phone in the case.  If you want to remove the phone from the case, gently push the phone out of the back camera area.

Then remove the phone from the lightning connector of the external battery.

Don't forget not to exceed the tilt angle of 20 degrees.  Doing so may damage the battery or connector charging system. 

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